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Sheffield based artist at Bloc Studios
Chris Saunders portrait

 Chris Saunders Photographer

Graduating with a first in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam, I developed the core belief of my practice; that any form of registration, on any kind of surface is drawing. So I explore different modes of drawing through a cross-disciplinary approach. Where mark making can be liberated from the page, and opened out to many different interactions, and many different media - as simple as a breath drawn, or complex as a language inscribed.  


I start with an inkling, a sense of something emerging which gathers momentum. A line, a paragraph, a chapter. Though never an ending, because my practice is a questioning, fluid and proliferative. Utilising whichever media the idea needs. As a form of drawing from, into and with, it becomes the embodiment of that space of proliferation. And the momentum is the hunger to work, the joy of the medium, and the desire to connect through the provenance of shared experience, that state of coming from and returning to, inherent to an object.


2023 'Increased Speculation', Prosaic Projects Gallery, Sheffield

2023 'Speculative Proposals', Prosaic Projects Gallery, Sheffield

2020 'Anatomy of Loss', Persistence Works, Yorkshire Artspace

2019 'Prosaic Mosaic', Bloc Projects, Sheffield

2019 'Prosaic', The Coterie Gallery, Rotherham

2019 'Place', Boston Castle, Rotherham

2018 'Towards Each Other', 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield

2018 'The Saltaire Arts Trail', Bradford

2017 'For A Burning Love', The Circle, Sheffield

2017 'It's Complicated', Bloc Projects, Sheffield

2016 'Behind The Arena', Bloc Projects, Sheffield

2016 'Bloc Assembly: Studios Showcase', Bloc Projects, Sheffield

2015 'Still City', Blue Moon Café, Sheffield

2015 'Stillness', Bloc Projects, Sheffield



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